Traprock holds two past producing mines, at Mount Chalmers near Rockhampton in central Queensland and Warroo near Stanthorpe in south-east Queensland. It also holds the Herries Range Gold Project near Warwick and the Kabunga Gold Copper Project west of Gympie, also in south-east Queensland.

The Directors have an opinion, that gold prices will increase on the back of worldwide currency volatility, and that copper inventories will ease over the next five years, creating greater demand. With this in mind the Directors set out two and half years ago to procure gold and copper assets. The Directors have been very specific in searching for and investigating the potential for large gold deposits and copper resources within prospective terrains, of eastern coastal Queensland. The region has hosted thousands of gold occurrences and four large gold mines, namely Mount Morgan, Mount Rawdon, Cracow and Gympie with a total production 18 million ounces gold between them. The other imperative was, that the chosen terrain would have excellent infrastructure with a gamut of services such as heavy engineering and maintenance facilities, a locally domiciled potential workforce and close to power and water. This would all add up to be a low cost environment in which to run both exploration and potential future mining operations.

The Company now has very prospective and a number of exciting projects, including a flagship Volcanic Hosted Massive Sulphides (VHMS) project which has large promise to expand historic resources and sedimentary gold projects which have multiple developed gold targets. The projects have good infrastructure and proximity to population centres of coastal central and south east Queensland, as was planned by the Company. The Company’s resulting project portfolio is displayed below.

A new project,  Silverwood has been applied for with the aim of targeting VMS styles of mineralisation associated with the volcanics and sediments and to assess the potential of the many gold and copper deposits for economic mining.

Previous exploration companies have identified massive and disseminated Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag mineralisation at Grieves Quarry hosted within a steeply dipping sequence of Devonian limestone and volcanics. Mineralisation at Grieves Quarry comprises massive vein, stringer and disseminated sphalerite, galena and chalcopyrite sulphides hosted within a sequence of limestone, cherts, rhyolites, silicified sediments and andesitic pyroclastics. Mineralisation was interpreted to be of volcanic exhalative origin and remobilized by hydrothermal fluids to permeable beds such as limestone deposits in the Connolly Volcanics.

The Silverwood region is interpreted to be a volcanic arc environment as indicated by the magnitude and duration of the volcanic activity indicated by the absence of terrigenous quartzose sediments and the abundance of volcanics and volcanic-derived sediments. This volcanic arc environment combined with the presence of

limestone is significant for its exploration potential.

Grieves Quarry has similarities with VMS styles of mineralisation and alteration and the surrounding volcano-sedimentary package is prospective for Mt Morgan deposit types.

Several features of the mineralisation at Silverwood display similarities with VMS deposit types and includes the following

  • Host lithologies which include rhyolite, daciteand tuffaceous equivalents.
  • Proximal to felsic intrusive rocks that aresimilar in composition tothe overlying material.
  • Mineralisation such as at Grieves Quarry with concordant massivesulphide and disseminated sulphide feeder mineralisation.
  • Cherts, which indicate a depositional environment suitable for massive suiphidc accumulation.

More information on Silverwood here

The Warroo Copper Gold Project

Warroo Location Front2

 The Warroo gold and copper field lies within the Traprock Region of southeast Queensland. Open pit mining in the 1980's  recovered 13,982 ounces gold, 21 tonnes copper and 901 ounces silver.  Latter day mining was by open cut and processed only the oxide ores above the 40 metre level. There are numerous gold and copper mines and prospects within the project area which need to be followed up and the Company believes that the chemistry, alteration, structural components and prospective geology are characteristic of major potential for large porphyry or intrusion related gold copper mineralisation. You can read more on the Warroo Copper Gold Project Here




Mount Chalmers Copper Gold Project

The Company's flagship Mount Chalmers Project has achived a JORC 2012 inferred resource. The main prospect is the historical Mount Chalmers mine , referred to in more detail Here, In addition, there are a number of partially drilled prospects whose geological and mineral characteristics are similar to those of the nearby Mount Chalmers mine. These prospects, including the known resource at Woods Shaft, require further drilling. More information can be found here on the Mount Chalmers Gold Copper Project


The Herries Range Gold Project 

This project covers 600sq km within the Traprock Region of south east Queensland. The Company chose the Herries Range area due to the characteristic style of gold mineralisation, rock types and structural framework which had a marked similarity to the central Asian large gold deposits, Australia’s Fosterville Gold Mine and New Zealand’s Reefton Goldfield. The project contains a number known gold fields and is an area that is seriously under explored with only five previous shallow dill holes targeting gold mineralisation within the tenement. Read More About the Herries Range Project Here